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Thieves Candle

Thieves Candle

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An all natural & eco-friendly blend of local beeswax, premium soy wax & fair trade coconut oil infused with essential oils. Hand poured using sustainable, non toxic & clean ingredients & cotton wicks.

40 hour burn time.

Crafted with a pure essential oil blend made in house. Don't know what thieves smells like? Mine is a spicy blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon & eucalyptus. Smells warm & spicy. 

Thieves is an old folk remedy that goes back to 14 century Europe.
The legend goes somewhat like this:
Back in the 14th century in the time of the Bubonic Plague, there were 4 thieves that were robbing those that had succumbed to the plague. The thieves were captured and shared their secret of how they evaded the plague. They were spice merchants and doused themselves in a combination of these herbs to keep safe from infection.

Reusable & recyclable metal tin


8 oz


Vancouver Island beeswax, premium soy wax & fair trade coconut oil along with high quality essential oils.


Burn the candle for the first time for 3-4 hours or until melted wax reaches the outer edges of the tin - this will allow for even burning and prevent tunnelling.

Do not leave burning candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Burn away from lammable materials in a safe & draft free location

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