Growing up in small towns in the Interior & Northern BC, my days were spent wandering outside picking wildflowers and plants. Some of my earliest memories were of making concoctions using ingredients that had been foraged. My happiness was found picking my mom bouquets of wildflowers and digging in a natural clay bank to gather ingredients for the many potions I created.

My mom and dad taught me a love for growing things. We always had a big garden and greenhouses. My curiosity for plants grew and I discovered herbal medicine. I have apprenticed and studied with many herbalists over the past 30 years which has enriched my love and understanding for plants and their healing power.

I have been making herbal remedies and creations for over 25 years now and continue to build and grow on this lifelong passion. Growing food and medicine to care for my family and others makes my heart happy.

The bath product collection was created after having our first child who wanted the little round bath beads at bath time (and anything else that fizzed, foamed, bubbled or added colour). Looking at this little guy soaking in a tub of oily, coloured water and wondering what exactly it was that he was soaking in inspired much reading and researching (and no more oily bath beads). This is when a bath & body care collection came to join the already growing line of herbal & wellness products. I didn't want my child (or anyone else) to be soaking in a tub with toxic ingredients. It is the baseline of all Bloom Botanicals to use only clean, natural ingredients that will support and nourish the body. 

Whether you are soaking up some bath therapy or using a herbal remedy, you can trust in knowing that it is what we use in our family home and I only want to share the best with you.

The mission of Bloom Botanicals is to offer truly natural, non-toxic nourishment for the mind, body & soul while consciously caring for the planet.

Nestled on 5 acres on a small island off the West Coast of BC, I can be found filling the spaces with food, medicinal plants and flowers. Favourite days are spent out wildcrafting and in the apothecary with some good music & a cup of tea.