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Mineral Rich Mustard Bath Salts

Mineral Rich Mustard Bath Salts

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An old folk remedy passed through the generations offering relief from aches & pains as well as cold & flu symptoms. This therapeutic blend is perfect if you are feeling under the weather, are sore from playing hard or need to warm up on a cool evening.

Sea salt is sustainably sourced, hand harvested, sun & wind dried & contains 82 trace minerals. Epsom salts are a natural source of magnesium that help remove toxins, relieve pain & soften the skin. Mustard is warming, increases circulation, is full of minerals and antioxidants. Coastal marine clay is soothing and leaves your skin silky soft. Elevate your bath with this all natural combination.

Amazing for the bath & can also be used as a plaster to help relieve coughs, congestion, aches & pain.

For Plaster:
Mix 2 Tbsp with a little lukewarm water to make a thick paste.
Spread onto a piece of fabric (a thin hand towel works great if you don't have a scrap piece of cotton or flannel) and fold so that no paste is exposed & will not touch the skin.
Apply this onto the chest/lung area, cover with a towel & leave for 15 minutes (set a timer so that it doesn't stay on longer).
Move it onto the back lung area for 15 minutes. Repeat once a day for 3 days. You should see slight redness and feel a warming sensation.

*Use caution to not get directly on skin when using as a plaster.

⟁200g Recyclable, Reusable & Refillable glass jar⟁


200 g


Sea salt, epsom salt, sodium bicarbonate, clay, *mustard & *essential oils
*Organic Ingredients.

For external use only


Pour 2-4 tablespoons into bath water & soak.

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