Our family uses all of the products that I make so I want them to be non toxic and completely natural. I would never want to soak in a tub full of synthetic colour & fragrance nor slather it on my body (or put it on my child).

The ingredients I choose are simple, clean & good for our bodies.

Sometime I add a natural colour like organic beet root powder (in my Wild Rose & Lemon Bath Bomb) or BC kelp (in the Peppermint Kelp Bath Bomb) or ground flower petals that I have grown.

I have made a commitment to not use any ingredient that will not benefit our bodies and that causes no harm. I use only high quality, always non MLM (feel free to ask me about this anytime), organic & ethically sourced essential oils.

Our skin absorbs what we put on it & I will never add an ingredient that will not benefit my body & your body. 

This is truly natural body care!


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